Manhattan Portage

Manhattan Portage

There is a simple philosophy that Manhattan Portage set out to achieve back in 1983, "New York Tough". Almost thirty years later it is certainly ringing true. From Montreal to Melbourne, Osaka to Oslo and Stockholm to San Francisco, Manhattan Portage's line of bags are indeed everywhere and carried by everyone.

Born out of the challenging and gritty landscape of the New York City streets back in 1983, Manhattan Portage is a pioneer of authentic messenger bags that created a new urban lifestyle and changed the face of fashion forever. Well known for only using the highest quality materials and excellent craftsmanship- Manhattan Portage is truly, New York Tough.

Despite their sweeping global popularity, Manhattan Portage remains loyal to their NYC roots. For over 30 years their lifespan in the volatile fashion world, and in a town that embraces the designer-of-the-moment but does not suffer has-beens, is no small feat. Manhattan Portage has been able to avoid becoming another fleeting fad and withstand the test of time because their bags do.

Although Manhattan Portage has received press in New York Times, People Magazine, Newsweek, The Village Voice and more, their media coverage is not what has fueled their resounding success. It is their versatility, durability and adaptability that has allowed them to survive the ebb and flow of mercurial fashion tides. So don't settle for an inferior product, get the real thing and treat yourself or loved one to